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Here at Dental Designs of Plantation we strive to make you smile. Whether you have a toothache or just want a cleaning and whitening service, we are here for you!

We specialize in general dentistry as well as offer unique procedures not offered at every dental office. With such a range of services we are sure to be able to satisfy your needs.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure your experience here is nothing but amazing. With a multi-lingual staff we can also ensure that your are never misunderstood and in many cases can comfortably speak in your native language.

Dental Designs of Plantation was founded to create absolutely beautiful smiles.


Our Dental Services

Here is a list of our offered services.


We can show you how to effectively and efficiently brush.


Our hygienist may give you suggestion on diet changes that can positively effect dental health.


Periodic checkups every 3 months ensures a happy and healthy smile.


We offer a variety of whitening services from in office 1 hour sessions to take home trays that fit your schedule best.


Our in-house surgeon ensures your implants are handled with the utmost care.


We offer an in-house surgeon for on site surgery to ensure you stay in a familiar medical setting.

Dental Services

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Client Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Proper Anesthesia

We ensure any stressed patient is properly taken care of.

Happy with Staff

Bright and positive our staff is happy to help.

Quick Recovery

We ensure full support in your recovery.


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Here at Dental Designs of Plantation we strive to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible. Giving the best treatment that you deserve.

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